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April 2022 Mortgage Update

Symmetry Financial Founder Mark Solon will be discussing how to get your first mortgage in Ireland, updates in the market and topics including green mortgages.

Monday 25th of April 6pm 

[ Free Registration]

Free Registration

Mark will be discussing the following:

  • April 2022 Mortgage Market Update.

  • First time buyers mortgages in 2022 - find out everything you need to know to tee-up your first mortgage - what paperwork, deposit, salary you need for your mortgage.

  • Switchers: As KBC and Ulster bank leave the market make sure you get the best rate possible if switching.

  • 'Green' Mortgages - What are they and are they worth it?

  • Questions and answers - not sure about your mortgage application or what you need for switching or applying? Mark will take questions at the end of the session.

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