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Wednesday 28th of April

5.30pm - 7.45pm

Thursday 29th of April

5.30pm - 7.45pm

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Andrew Craig

How To Own The World: A Plain English Guide to Thinking Globally And Investing Wisely


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Codie Sanchez

Entourage Effect Capital, Managing Director + Contrarian Thinking Newsletter, Founder


 Morgan Housel

The Psychology of Money, Author

The Collaborative Fund, Partner


Peter Brown

Baggot Investment Partners


Six Reasons To Attend The Smart Money Live  Event

Investing ideas and opportunities

How do the experts find ideas and areas to invest in? What are the growth trends and opportunities for 2021 and beyond? Where would they invest €20k right now? Join our investing experts as they discuss where they believe there is value, areas and sectors that are overpriced and how they believe you can best generate a return for your money in this world of ultra low interest rates.

Understand Property deals, opportunities and the 2020/21 property outlook

Understand how to build a property investment portfolio, as our speakers discuss how they identify, analyse and secure deals. We will also be discussing the 2021/2 outlook for the property market, social housing as an investment opportunity and how to purchase property through your pension.

Mindset and achieving financial independence

What are the lessons to learn around the psychology of investing and money, are there habits we can cultivate and behaviours we should be wary of? How can we manage our investing goals? How can we learn to be better, more efficient investors and to build up generational wealth? How can you create independence for yourself and your family and be able to retire early should you wish to?  Learn from the stories of others about building wealth.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

We have seen increasingly bullish claims about the possible value of bitcoin and it’s valuation has remained volatile. What is bitcoin and cryptocurrency and what price might bitcoin rise to? How can you purchase it, should you buy it and if so what percentage of your portfolio should it be? Is it overvalued or on it’s way to double in value? What other coins are worth investing in? Our speakers will be covering all these topics and more around this much talked about space.

Understand tax

You may have made great returns on your investment but then wonder what do you have to pay in tax? How much tax do I have to pay on an ETF? What are the tax implications of selling my bitcoin at a profit? How can I pass on as much of my wealth to my kids tax free? 

We will break down, analyse and explain these and more issues. You will also receive as an attendee a short eBook on taxation of investment income giving you a breakdown on what you need to pay on the various different ETFs, crypto, shares and lots more.

Where will the world be in 2022?

Are we in the middle of a bubble? What will the world look like long after covid and its effects have dissipated? Will the investing world and outlook be completely changed? How can we future proof our investments now to counter these changes? Our speakers will be addressing the future and where they see equities, commodities, cryptocurrency and property in 2022 and onwards.




*should not be construed as investment advice.

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