Overpay on your mortgage or invest? 

Mark Solon, founder of Symmetry Financial, talks through the pros and cons of overpaying on your mortgage versus using the spare cash to invest.

6 pm Wednesday 9th of June 

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Mark Solon.jpg

Mark will be discussing the following:

  • Property and mortgage outlook overview

  • Pros and Cons of paying off a lump sum on your mortgage

  • Benefits / Challenges of investing that lump sum of money instead

  • Plus Finance Irelands' new 20 year fixed mortgages explained

  • Mark will also be taking some questions throughout the session.

Mark is the founder of Symmetry Financial Management.

Symmetry is a mortgage intermediary with access to the majority of the leading lenders. 

Symmetry also provides an impartial overview of your finances across all areas including protection, savings, investing and retirement planning.